Books and Resources

Surprisingly there are not many good resources focused on Acne.  The best one is, of course, this website, The Truth About Acne.  However, we have found a few good resources about acne.  Here you will find those good books and other resources to help you deal with your acne.

Acne Tips

Reclaim your life by following some of the simple tips; get ready for fresh, clear skin. Clearing up your complexion takes commitment; however, it can be accomplished using the techniques shown below.

The natural properties of chamomile tea serve as an effective acne treatment. Your cooled tea bag can be used to reduce redness and decrease swelling. Just put it on the affected area and keep it there for about ten minutes.

Natural skin products will often offer the cure to your acne problems. Many common skin care products contain harsh chemicals and have the potential to worsen existing skin problems. This can block your pores and increase your acne. The antibacterial properties of some natural treatments can help heal your skin.

Are you aware that extreme heat and cold can increase the occurrence of acne breakouts? On particularly hot days, you may sweat more than usual. Sweat can irritate and clog pores. Sometimes this can cause acne. Cold weather can also dry your skin and create irritation. Protect your skin in all weather conditions.

Another great way to help reduce the occurrence of acne, would be to decrease meats and dairy from your diet. This is good for you because meat and dairy often contain hormones which can adversely affect your skin.